Day 5: Visits to The Hive & Draper University for Startup Pitching

Day 5 was a day full of pitching sessions. Our founders went to The Hive Silicon Valley and Draper University to rehearse their pitches  to VCs from The Hive itself, March capital and a few others.

During the pitching session at The Hive, there were four venture capitalists that were present: Sundhiraj Sharma (Sunny) from Venu (Wipro Ventures), Kamesh from The Hive USA, and Hyun Khoo from March Capital. It was a series of 15 minutes across two different rooms in The Hive. Every Malaysian startup represented there received invaluable feedback from various VCs and entrepreneurs. Those feedback act as guidance and improvements to refine their pitches and business ideas.

Our founders also went to Draper University to participate another pitching sessions. They had the opportunity to tour through Draper and were able to experience the values that Draper University upholds. Dato Emil Rinaldi took the stage during the pitching session and presented our N3 Travel Mobility Platform idea to the VCs. Thanks to the feedback and interest receive, our founders were able to ascertain the market demands towards such idea and reality of the application towards the travel industry.