10 Travel Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Innovation and technology are changing the game for travelers worldwide. From noodle fans to laptop bags that charge, and even shoe umbrellas, it seems that there is no limit to the creativity of these travel inventions. Some of these innovations may seem crazy or downright ridiculous, but they often prove to be useful with time. In fact, some of the most unexpected inventions are made to solve common travel problems that we all face.

Here are a few of the weirdest travel inventions that have been made to ease traveling. Whether you believe they are crazy or ingenious, you have to admit they are unique!

Scooter Luggage

The travel industry underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of the suitcase, even before U.S. Patent No. 3,653,474 came into play. Previously, traveling was a luxury enjoyed only by the affluent, who relied on their servants to handle cumbersome trunks. However, in 1972, Bernard D. Sadow revolutionised the concept with his invention called “Rolling Luggage.” Sadow presented the notion that this type of luggage was effortlessly mobile, gliding smoothly without any exertion or strain, accessible to individuals of any size, strength, or age. Despite Sadow’s innovative idea, it took considerable time for the concept to gain momentum as marketers were initially skeptical of men embracing this new trend. However in 2023, change could not be welcomed soon enough with out-of-the-box developments progressing almost daily. Hence now, if you are running late for a flight or have a tight connection, the newest invention of suitcase scooter might just help you out. You can ride on your suitcase and zoom through the airport with ease, an absolute life saver.

Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

In the 21st century, the invention of Wi-fi has most certainly been our “umbilical cord to the world at large“. In today’s digitally-driven world, the mere thought of a life without Wi-Fi seems unthinkable. However, one major challenge that arises during travel is the quest for a reliable Wi-Fi connection, especially for adventurous explorers who thrive on discovering hidden gems off the beaten path. This is precisely where the Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt comes to the rescue. If you find yourself weary of tirelessly searching for Wi-Fi while on vacation, the Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt offers a perfect solution. This innovative shirt acts as a beacon, displaying the current strength of nearby Wi-Fi signals through glowing bars on its front, which dynamically change in response to the signal’s intensity. With this ingenious wearable, the struggle to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection becomes a thing of the past.

The Wi-Fi Detector shirt dynamically displays the current Wi-Fi signal strength of either 802.11b or 802.11g network. 
Source: The Future of Things


For those who don’t want their favorite pair of shoes to get wet while traveling, the invention of shoe umbrellas is a godsend. Shoe-brellas offer additional protection for your kicks with a miniature umbrella.

4. Boyfriend Pillow

If you’re traveling alone and missing physical contact, the boyfriend pillow might be just what you need. This pillow replaces a human partner and provides the snuggles you crave. And if you’re looking for a girlfriend pillow, they make those too!

Chargeable Laptop Bags

These bags are essentially portable battery packs that can charge up to four devices simultaneously, providing up to 110 hours of extra power. Their lithium batteries are designed to withstand a variety of bumps and watery adventures.

Noodle Fan

Instant noodles have become a popular travel food option but eating them can be challenging without burning your mouth, especially when time is limited. The Noodle Fan inventor understood this issue and created a solution. This fan will cool your noodles as they dangle from your fork, providing a quick and easy way to enjoy your noodles without the risk of getting burned.

Pocket Shower

A hot shower can be a luxury when traveling off the beaten path. The Pocket Shower, weighing only 110 grams, is a game-changer. It offers an eight-minute shower time and can be suspended from almost anything. If the black fabric bag is left in the sun during the day, it will heat the shower water naturally, making it the perfect camping or backpacking shower solution.

Cooling Shirt

Staying cool in the sweltering summer heat has never been easier with the invention of cooling shirts. Made of light polyester, it comes with a tiny fan at the back which works when a powered USB is connected to it. With only a laptop, you can charge the shirt and keep yourself cool on hot hikes or in air-conditionless airports.

Portable Toilet

Personal disposable toilets are a must-have for campers and road trippers. This leak-proof and puncture-proof toilet contains a special powder that neutralizes all odors and solidifies waste, making it a hygienic and easy-to-use option. It even includes toilet paper and wet wipes for added convenience.

Foldable Suitcases

Foldable suitcases are a game-changer for anyone who dreads unpacking and storing their empty suitcase after a trip. This hard luggage can be collapsed and hung in a closet like a shirt, eliminating the need for a bulky suitcase pile-up during the offseason. It’s a practical and space-saving solution for frequent travellers.

Source: Travel + Leisure

Done By: Rejina Khar, Zarif Ong & Elly Ken
Source: Future of Things, Travel + Leisure, The Sydney Morning Herald & National Geographic